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Cut and Snip

Flyers LLC.

Fly with surgical precision today.

The Planes

With Three planes in the hanger, Cut and Snip Flyers provides the perfect way to get training on both 172 and 182 platforms. 


With decades of experience between them, our expert instructors will be able to get you flying in no time at all.  

Current fee of $60/hr

Courses Provided

Whether you are looking to get a few more hours under your belt or pass your instrument certification we can help.

Come Fly With Us!

If you have never flown before try a Discovery Flight.  

inside of plane
Discover The skies

Discover the sky with our Discovery flight for $150!

Do you still need a FAA medical certificate?

The FAA requires all pilots to have a valid medical certificate for any flight and we can help you get for your flights

Do you still need an IACRA?

IACRA is an FAA web site that allows people to apply for new Airman Certificates, or to upgrade their existing certificates.

Do you need financing?

Taking your place in the sky does come at a cost, both in dedication and finances. While our brilliant instructors can help you when it comes to dedication, financing sources such as AOPA are there for you financially. 


Even if you have never stepped on the tarmac before and most of what you know about planes comes from "Top Gun" we can take you from zero time to airline ready.


Whether you are looking to get to fly for yourself or for your career, we can help you on your journey. 


Compared to prices of a university based flight program you could save thousands seeking out a career in the aviation industry.


All of our instructors are Certified flight instructors with decades of combined experience. 

We also offer CFI, CFII for those that wish to further their flight careers. 

Do you still need insurance?

An essential part of being able to fly and a requirement for Cut and Snip Flyers. You can get flight insurance with any accredited company and below we have a link to one.

Do you need an Airport Badge?

If you need a badge you will need to fill out the document linked below, then bring it with you prior to applying for a badge.

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