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Private Pilot Licence

The Private Pilot Certificate is the first step of many in a career in aviation

Instrument Pilot Certificate

An important step in your career in aviation and something good to have in your back pocket, an Instrument rating is something you will want if you are flying professionally or personally. 

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Commercial Pilot

The Path that many will take to make a career that is skybound

Certified Flight Instructor

Whether you would like to teach something you love to the next generation, or want to get paid to fly a CFI may be the way to do that. 

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Plane Rentals

  • The Cessna 172 rate is $185/hour wet.

  • The Cessna 182 is $235/hour wet. 

  • Instruction starts at $60/hour.

Biennial Flight Review


Instrument Proficiency Checks

If you already have some time in the sky and just need to keep on flying check out our Checks program.



A needed step to begin to fly is getting medically certified to do so. Click below to go to MedXpress and get started.

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A soon to be familiar process, the IACRA will be an application for both new pilots and those looking to get upgrades on their certificates.

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