The Instructors 


Picked up flying in 2016 as a hobby, it is now an obsession. I am now a CFI, CFII, and think everybody should have the opportunity to fly. One thing I love is watching somebody who has never been in a plane learn how to land.


Our chief Flight instructor, has been a flight instructor since 1988. CFI, CFII, MEI, ATP certified. Loves to teach and works hard to make safe, efficient pilots. 


Likes to teach when he is not flying with Sky West. He Is CFI, CFII, ATP certified. Makes a mean taco. 

Erin Rickart

Growing up in Idaho I thought crop dusting would be the coolest job. In 2019 I began my journey into aviation. My goals have shifted from being an agricultural pilot to international flying. Once I am done obtaining my ratings, I want to volunteer as much of my time as possible to Pilots N Paws.

Tyler Thompson

CFI/CFII certified. I have been flying since 2018. Working toward flying for the airlines in the future. Can’t beat the feeling of lift-off!


"I like to fly because the feeling of freedom you get from leaving the ground and the views from 10,000 feet can’t be beat!”

Amarissa Ainsworth

Jamie Lewis

My addiction to the sky hit me after I was married with two kids. I decided to return to school and started passionately pursuing a lifelong career in aviation. I have a deep desire to be the best I can. I love to meet people that share the same love for flying.

I spent my childhood in general aviation because my dad was a private pilot. I am motivated, driven, and a positive driving force in my students goals. 


 A CFI sense 2018, likes tacos and walking in the rain. Currently flies in the wilds of Alaska.

Instructors that flew the coop


Loves to walk in the rain and currently flies in beautiful Hawaii.